day 190 – four pieces of history

they tore down the house next to our place last summer so i went to scavenge the remains of the open walls and floors. i found this beautiful piece of old floor and this disturbingly old remnant of a 1930’s newspaper.

last week, i found this decorative box i had forgotten about. it’s a printed metal box to commemorate the silver jubilee (1910-1935) and inside, safely kept with some other treasures and jewelry, i discovered my mom’s baby identification bracelet from 1955.


day 189 – four favorite things made out of wood

these russian carved bears move when you hold them in the air and the little wooden ball pulls the strings of their arms as it dangles.

the spoon is bamboo and i use it everyday to feed my little boy (well, actually now he uses it to feed himself.)

the nesting dolls were a present from my friend jason, (the idea is that you are supposed to paint/modify them yourself but i can’t bring myself to cover the natural wood.)

day 188 – four things inherited from my gran

day 187 – four raku birds that i made

day 186 – four mexican coconuts