Guest Editors

Confirmed Guest Editors include:

Jan 3rd, 2011 – 9th: Allison Sommers Brooklyn, NY
Jan 10th – 16th: Chris & Ainsley from Grumble Toy Winnipeg, MB
Jan 17th – 23rd: Paul Robles Winnipeg, MB
Jan 24th – 30th: Curtis Walker/Blunderspublik Winnipeg, MB
Jan 31st – Feb 6th: Gillian King Winnipeg, MB
Feb 7th -13th: Brendan Monroe Stockholm, Sweden
Feb 14th – 20th: Lisa Young Kutsukake Toronto, ON
Feb 21st – 27th: Mitchell Akiyama Toronto, ON
Feb 28th – Mar 6th: becky johnson from the Sweetie Pie Press Toronto, ON
Mar 7th – 13th: Camilla Engman Göteborg, Sweden
Mar 14th – 20th: Yomek Paris, France
Mar 21st – 27th: Ted Barker Winnipeg, MB
Mar 28th – Apr 3rd: Melody Wong Toronto, ON
Apr 4th – 10th: Kelly Ruth Winnipeg, MB
Apr 11th – 17th: Shoshana Coodin Montreal, QC
Apr 18th – 24th: eryn thorey mackenzie Winnipeg, MB
Apr 25th – May 1st: Steve Roden Pasadena, CA
May 2nd – 8th: Ben Clarkson Winnipeg, MB
May 9th – 15th: Jane Housham Hertfordshire, UK
May 16th – 22nd: Kathy Tran Austin, TX
May 23rd – 29th: Robert Pasternak Winnipeg, MB
May 30th – June 5th: Devon Kerslake Winnipeg. MB
June 6th – 12th: Lisa Wood Winnipeg, MB
June 13th – 19th: Sarah Baird New Orleans, Louisiana
June 20th – 26th: Marie-Eve Bouchard (MEB) Montreal, QC
June 27th – July 3rd: Meags Fitzgerald Halifax, NS
July 4th – 10th: Courtney Cerruti San Francisco, CA
July 11th – 17th: danni h. from oh hello friend
July 18th – 24th: Kim Largey Tuscon, AZ
July 25th -31st: Tania Lambert Nottingham, UK
August 1st – 7th: Kirkland Jue of Toybot studios San Francisco, CA
August 8th – 14th: Chris Van Veghel Amsterdam, Netherlands
August 15th – 21st: Ravi Shukla aka Bill Beso Winnipeg, MB
August 22nd – 28th: David Pensato Winnipeg, MB
August 29th – September 4th: Nigel Peake Co Down, Ireland
September 5th – 11th: Elsie Jones Bristol, UK
September 12th – 18th: Karen Wardle Ste Genevieve, MB
September 19th – 25th: Natalie Fisher Dayton, OH
September 26th – October 2nd: Annika London, UK
October 3rd – 9th: Mary Thorp Rock Cave, WV
October 10th – 16th: Donna Hainstock Winnipeg, MB
October 17th – 23rd: Chris Pointon Winnipeg, MB
October 24th – 30th: Mark Saunders Winnipeg, MB
October 31st – November 6th: Grace Poulsen Cambridge, MA
November 7th – 13th: Lindsey Bond Winnipeg, MB
November 14th – 20th: Kristyn Woodfine Wolfe Island, ON
November 21st – 27th: Liz Jones Melbourne, AU
November 28th – December 4th: Eric LeSage Winnipeg, MB
December 5th – 11th: Emmie Tsumura Hiroshima, JP
December 12th – 18th: Takashi Iwasaki Winnipeg, MB
December 18th – 25th: Fiona Mcrobie London, UK
December 26th – January 1st, 2012: Scott Vanden Bosch Melbourne, AU

s. arden hill


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