day 401 – four vintage tigermask wrestlers

Four vintage 27cm tall Tigermask vinyl figures produced by Nakajima in Japan in the 1970’s.From L-R 1. Devil Spider 2. Tiger Mask 3. Viking Kid 4. Golden Mask.

Tigermask wrestlers have had a large following in Japan since the 60’s with the hero Tigermask fighting for orphans. Recently there have been donations made to orphans and disadvantaged school kids in Japan under tigermasks real name  ‘Naoto Date’ (link).



day 400 – four vintage trading card packs

Four collectable trading card packs from topps – still unopened ! A couple of these  are over 30 years old. I keep them sealed in little bags now but when I open the bag there is a waft of stale bubblegum and waxed paper that takes me back !

day 399 – four billiken wind up walkers

Four Japanese tin toy chracters. From L-R 1. National Kid 2. Maboroshi Tante aka Phantom Detective 3. Big X 4. Seven colour Mask Hero. These guys walk when wound up and are made of tin with vinyl heads. Bonus round !!  I found it hard to post just the toy without the wonderful box art they come packaged in…

day 397 – four jumbo machinders

60 cm tall Shogun Warriors relaesed by Mattel under license from Popy in Japan in the 1970’s. These guys were awesome toys when I was  young and featured firing fists, shooting stars, axes and missiles. They are getting rarer now days as many robots and especially the firing parts were lost to the ravages of time or were destroyed in battle. From L-R 1.Mazinger Z, 2.Dragun, 3.Daimos 4.Raydeen. They are not the most valuable in my collection of Jumbos but they have the most nostalgic value.

day 396 – four vintage vinyl villans

12cm tall mini sofubi from Japan circa 1970’s. From L-R 1. Dr Hell; Mazinger Z enemy made by Popy 2. Baron Ashura; Mazinger Z enemy made by Popy 3. Ikima; Jeeg enemy made by Onda 4. Count Brocken; Mazinga Z enemy made by Popy.

day 389 – four midcentury tea sets

midcentury tea sets

1. tea cup (of 4) found at Deptford Market, UK; 2. tea cup (of 6) found in our flat when we arrived; 3. coffee cup (from set) inherited by my husband from his grandmother; 4. milk jug found at Deptford Market

day 381 – four old postcards of scenes in japan that evoke a sense of wonder and/or intrigue

1. A pasture near Sapporo. (top left)

2. A sacred bridge in Nikko. (top right)

3. A buddhist temple in Awajishima. (bottom left)

4. A view of the cherry blossoms from the hilltop at Tsuyama Castle. (bottom right)