day 396 – four vintage vinyl villans

12cm tall mini sofubi from Japan circa 1970’s. From L-R 1. Dr Hell; Mazinger Z enemy made by Popy 2. Baron Ashura; Mazinger Z enemy made by Popy 3. Ikima; Jeeg enemy made by Onda 4. Count Brocken; Mazinga Z enemy made by Popy.


Guest Editor’s Profile – Scott Vanden Bosch

Scott Vanden Bosch

Melbourne Australia

 In terms of your things, what does your space (studio/office/orliving area) look like? please describe.
That’s interesting question …most people I know think my studio is mad; boxes everywhere and unfinished projects precariously balanced in makeshift trays and containers according to fragility and interest factor. A lot of my house is taken up with boxes (I will absolutely keep a box purely because it’s well made), books, toys, artworks, and things that make people say ‘what you get that for ?’.

My partner and I are animation artist’s and my job involves alot of drawing on paper and computers so the rest of the house is full of stacks of paper, pencils, and computers.

Where do you normally get your things?
When I was younger I used to rifle through flea markets, but now the internet is mostly where I hunt, I travel to Japan every so often to hunt for rarer vintage things.

What is your prize possession/”thing”/collectible/tool?
Whoa…Thats hard, sometimes I feel kind of unattached to it all. A couple of my collections have become entities unto themselves and I keep searching for additions because the collection needs it not so much me. But If I had to choose something valuable it would be an arm load of Jumbo machinder robots from Japan – They are big and colourful and they can shoot missiles and fists if enraged, I do enjoy staring at them.