day 389 – four midcentury tea sets

midcentury tea sets

1. tea cup (of 4) found at Deptford Market, UK; 2. tea cup (of 6) found in our flat when we arrived; 3. coffee cup (from set) inherited by my husband from his grandmother; 4. milk jug found at Deptford Market


day 383 – four glass objects to be used in my sculpture

Not all, but some components of my sculptures are ready-made items. These ready-made and semi-altered glass pieces will appear in my work in the future.

day 380 – four plastic cases for keeping deciduous teeth

1. This post was inspired by two other tooth-related posts.

2. These cases were found under a shelf after a coffee mishap.

3. I do not have any baby teeth left.

4. Some people are known to have a third set of teeth.

day 379 – four parts of a sheep including the head

1. baa (English)                  2. bêê (French)

3. beee beee (Spanish)      4. meh meh (Japanese)

day 378 – four species that use bioluminescence to attract prey and lure mates

1. Handmade squid made by Sarah Albu

2. Vintage postcard of ladies at the sea observing a mini octopus

3. Plastic squid fishing lures from Daiso

4. Japanese Pacific Flying Squid stamps, probably from the 60s

day 374 – four objects found in my yard

1. Wingedwheel lantern 2. Vintage tin cup 3. Knuckle dusters(found in my flower bed?)

4. Rusted cube of finishing nails

day 369 – four beer coasters

Part of a collection of beer coasters found in a box at my work.