day 403 – four thank yous

This is the final post of four things on but the site will remain open with updates on the things to come.

This has been a truly amazing year with this project. From day one I knew when I was organizing my studio and seeing how many small collections of things I kept and really loved, to Allison Sommers first post on January 2nd 2011, and in early November when all weeks had been assigned, and now when everything is all said and done that the concept of this project was something people really enjoy. We love our stuff and other peoples as well.

I can’t thank the Guest Editor’s enough for making this what it is. It takes courage to expose the things we hold onto. The Guest Editor’s did it and the internet has found out a little more about each of them.

I encourage everyone to keep checking back to find out what is next for this little project. My hope is a bound book and art exhibition. But I am open to other possibilites.

My humble thank you to everyone who made this possible and the collectors around the world, past, present, and future.

Happy New Year.

s. arden hill


day 213 – four favorite words in french


I’m not giving the translation…click on the picture to read them more clearly…

It had a lovely time taking these photos this week. Hope you enjoyed them!

day 212 – four pocket knifes

My dad offered me my first pocket knife when I was about 10 years old. And I thought it was one of the most amazing gift I had ever had. Sadly, that knife got lost, but I regrouped my favorite ones here.

The brown one I use for everything! The blade is very used but it makes it even more handier. You can read «made in western germany» on it which makes it kind of interesting historically. The red one looks a bit like the one my dad gave me. I love the little saw on these. Very powerfull. The tiny one was my mothers. I found it in a box of old things that belonged to her. Finally, the pink one I bought because it was pink and beautiful…

day 210 – four irregular beads

I keep those. And love that they are imperfect and found a home (click on the picture to see them properly).

day 209 – four wood blocks

I found the red block in the street. The colour die is probably related to some game. I just liked it and got it in a toy store. The «Now» die is part of a sentence scrabble game from the 70s I found at the thrift store and so is the wood block with the unidentified structure (seriously, can someone tell me what the hell that thing is?). I love wood and I often work using random choices and chance in my creative projects.

day 208 – four string instruments I play

Here are from bottom to top, the first violin I owned, my first ukulele (beautiful sparkly pink), my mother’s mandolin and the kala uke I play now.

day 207 – four M

Letters play a big role in my art. I’ve always been quite fascinated by typography and lettering in general. The letter M being the first of my name is one of my favorite. It’s shaped like a little house or tent you could stay in…very cosy. I often say I am not writing, I am drawing my voice…

The pink M was featured on the cover of my first record, the small silver charm I have been wearing around my neck every day for about 4 years. The other ones I have used in different art projects.