day 398 – four spaceman mini’s

Four spaceman mini figures 7cm tall. Cast in resin, designed and hand painted by myself … blatant self promotion!


day 393 – four British monarch-adorned stamps

four British stamps

Clockwise from top left: 1. Queen Victoria; King George V; King George VI; Queen Elizabeth II

day 381 – four old postcards of scenes in japan that evoke a sense of wonder and/or intrigue

1. A pasture near Sapporo. (top left)

2. A sacred bridge in Nikko. (top right)

3. A buddhist temple in Awajishima. (bottom left)

4. A view of the cherry blossoms from the hilltop at Tsuyama Castle. (bottom right)

day 376 – four matchboxes from kyoto

On the steep hill leading up to Kiyomizudera (Pure Water Temple) in Kyoto, there is a cute little shop that sells matchboxes, postcards, and clothing designed by the owner. I can’t get enough of them, and make sure to stop in whenever I’m in Kyoto.

day 367 – four black(ish) cats

Cat figurines, Betty Jo Designs Brooch

Avon perfume bottle,  Pedro

day 366 – four owls

Betty Jo Designs pendant, Toy Owl Clock,

Patchwork Owl,  Focus on Art Owl

day 365 – four koalas

Koala Brooch,  Koala Figurine,

Kolo Koala Book,  Betty Jo Designs Brooch