day 403 – four thank yous

This is the final post of four things on but the site will remain open with updates on the things to come.

This has been a truly amazing year with this project. From day one I knew when I was organizing my studio and seeing how many small collections of things I kept and really loved, to Allison Sommers first post on January 2nd 2011, and in early November when all weeks had been assigned, and now when everything is all said and done that the concept of this project was something people really enjoy. We love our stuff and other peoples as well.

I can’t thank the Guest Editor’s enough for making this what it is. It takes courage to expose the things we hold onto. The Guest Editor’s did it and the internet has found out a little more about each of them.

I encourage everyone to keep checking back to find out what is next for this little project. My hope is a bound book and art exhibition. But I am open to other possibilites.

My humble thank you to everyone who made this possible and the collectors around the world, past, present, and future.

Happy New Year.

s. arden hill


day 80 – four horses not of the apocalypse

These are four horses from my studio mate’s shelf. She did these for a show in the north of Sweden. They were part of a series horses made with all kinds of stuff. These are mostly plastic, ceramic and fabric I think. The others include mixtures of folded paper and plaster among other stuff. She usually works primarily in ceramics, her name is Linda Karlsson and if you are interested in seeing more, her site is here.

day 79 – four test prints on newsprint

These are four images printed as test prints while printing one of Evah’s (my wife’s) edition screen prints. We do these before printing on the actual paper to make sure that everything is printing right. We especially check for tiny line work and color. Sometimes they end up being really nice images on their own. We normally end up using them for shipping or wrapping. If you’d like to check out the final print it’s here.

day 78 – four postcards from Sweden

These are four postcards I picked up the other day from my local thrift shop. There isn’t usually anything that I’m interested in there, but sometimes I find good stuff. All of these are from Sweden and more or less my area. I’m not sure if I’ll use any to send to friends, they seem worth holding onto for at least a little while. Maybe I’ll let a couple go out into the world. It’s a hard choice deciding a favorite between the medieval times and the aliens.

day 77 – four balls of collected paint

These are four selected balls of paint out of many I’ve been making. I started doing this because I was eating a lot of chocolate. I would save the tin foil wrappers for other projects and I started making them into balls. I usually save this dried up collected paint pieces scraped off my palette. I started sticking it onto the tin balls, and now I’ve got a ton of these. Most are about 1/2 to 1 inch in diameter. I’m not really sure what to do with them next, but i like them. They are like little globes at the beginning of a universe that have an attractive gravity to dried paint, or like snow balls that rolled down the hill though my painting palette. I don’t know, they’re interesting to me for some reason.

day 76 – four sheets of paper to protect my desk

These are four sheets of paper used while painting. I usually stick a sheet of paper under the painting I’m working on so that I can do little tests of color and wipe off excess paint from the brush before adding it to the painting. I think a lot of other painters probably do this too. I used to just do this on my desk and then about every year or so, I’d paint over it with white house paint. Now I’m in a shared studio and my studio mates were kind enough to lend me two desks, so I’ve been using these papers so the desk does’t get totally destroyed. Sometimes notes get written on them or other times I zone out staring out my window and I draw random things, like the “Cafe” sign from across the street.

day 75 – four cameras

These are four cameras I regularly use.

Voigtländer Perkeo I, on the bottom left, is a square format 6×6 camera. I think it was a fairly common consumer camera at it’s time because I see them and a similar Zeiss Ikon camera for sale all over the place. I got this one in Gothenburg for about $20 at a flea market.

Rollei 35 SE, bottom middle, is a basic 35 mm camera. This is the one I take the most film photos with, mostly because it’s easy to carry around and pretty easy to get what you want. It’s also cheaper for me to buy and develop 35mm than 120 film in Sweden.

The Pinhole camera, bottom right, is made from an old mooncake tin. For some reason I wanted to make one and try it out. I found a good instructional video online and put it together. It’s pretty fun to do it and for anyone interested in analog photography, I recommend it. It’s a little unpredictable and requires a certain amount of guesstimation when using it, but it’s fun.

GR Digital II from Ricoh, top middle, is my only digital camera. It works alright and serves it’s purpose fairly well. It has a very easy and comfortable interface for manual controls. It took this picture with the help of a mirror.

If you are interested in seeing photos from the Pinhole and the Rollei there’s a sort of secret spot on my site here. If you’re interested in seeing photos from the Perkeo I, GR Digital II and more from the Rollei, I share a flickr page here.