Call for Participation


Thanks for you interest.

s. arden hill

four for the day – Call for Participation
a daily collection of four things

I would like to invite you to become a guest editor for one week to the blog project, four for the day, a daily collection of four things.

Since January 2011 the blog has been open to guest editors who volunteer to participate to shape the project through their contributions. Some have been local to city I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada while others are from as far away as Sweden. My hope and goal is to have 365 or one year worth of posts to the blog when complete.

If you agree to contribute to four for the day, you will be responsible for posting every day to the blog for one week, a collection of four things. Each post must follow the format set out by the administrator and must be posted before midnight of that day. You will be given a specific week to contribute with the week beginning on a Monday and ending on the Sunday.

If you agree to participate I will send you an invitation to join and we will negotiate a week that works for you.

four for the day
a daily collection of 4 things

In our lives we have things. Various things. Things we need. Things we don’t. Things we obsess over. Things we collect. Things we use. Things we eat. Things that are us. Things that used to be us. Things we want to be us.

Sometimes we order these things in collections based on colour, material, use, temporal significance, value, importance, and design. Sometimes we order them to be discovered by guests, to be forgotten, to be given away, and sometimes without order.

four for the day is a thematic daily collection of four things. The theme is determined by various possible attributes, i.e, quality of lead (day 1), material (day 8), creator (12)…

four for the day highlights those unique collections we have that fill our spaces and brings them into the light to be appreciated by others.

if you are interested in contributing to four for the day, email


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