day 395 – four ticket stubs

four tickets stubs


Clockwise from left: 1. Grimsby Town end ticket to 2008 Johnson’s Paint Trophy Final; 2. Rage Against the Machine free “Thank You” gig in Finsbury Park, London, June 2010; 3. Amartya Sen at London School of Economics, July 2010; 4. Frank Turner at Brixton Academy, December 2010


day 394 – four presents from Japan

four presents from Japan

Clockwise from top left : 1. Handpainted fan; 2. Dragonfly printed yukata; 3. Chopsticks; 4. Handwoven lace doily

day 393 – four British monarch-adorned stamps

four British stamps

Clockwise from top left: 1. Queen Victoria; King George V; King George VI; Queen Elizabeth II

day 392 – four places I keep my thoughts

four places i keep my thoughts

1. Moleskin diary; 2. Rhodia squared paper notebook: for maths/coding workings; 3. Plain notebook: for goals, long-term plans, inspiration; 4. Sketchbook

day 391 – four essential winter tipples

four winter tipples

1. Juniper Gin: essential for late night Gin & Tonics; 2. Herradura Tequila: for fiery ginger beer; 3. The Laddie Ten single malt whisky: for warming sips; 4. home-spiced rum: for hot rum punch or kicking mulled wine.

day 390 – four cameras

four cameras

1. Canon Canonet; 2. Balda Rigona (on it’s side); 3. Kodak Coloursnap; 4. Diana F+

day 389 – four midcentury tea sets

midcentury tea sets

1. tea cup (of 4) found at Deptford Market, UK; 2. tea cup (of 6) found in our flat when we arrived; 3. coffee cup (from set) inherited by my husband from his grandmother; 4. milk jug found at Deptford Market