day 332 – four silkscreened posters


Thought I’d wrap up the week with a sampling of my poster and print collection. The art & culture of movies, music and toys are my passion and daily inspiration. Welcome to the walls of my apartment.

“Dummie Car” by Doma Collective
“Made in Japan” by Tim Biskup
“Life is Sweet” by Buff Monster
“Uncle Boonmee” by Chris Ware


day 331 – four M1go kaiju figures


Kaiju (怪獣 kaijū) is a Japanese word that means ‘strange beast,’ but often translated in English as ‘monster’. Specifically, it is used to refer to a genre of tokusatsu entertainment” (Wikipedia)

Above are four of my favourite Kaiju figures from M1go.

Left to Right:
M1 Woo from Ultraman
M1 Ragon from Ultraman
M1 Matango from “Attack of the Mushroom People”
M1 Chibull Seijin from Ultra 7


day 330 – four handmade mini comics


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the look and feel of a hand-bound, silkscreened and photocopied mini-comic! Every visit to a comic store results in a bag full of these miniature marvels heading home with me.

Moving clockwise from the top-left:
‘Trans Siberia’ by Tom Kaczynski
‘Three Bears’ by David Huyck
‘Adrift’ by JP Coovert
‘Robot Investigator’ by Vincent Stall

day 329 – four treasured toys


These toys have a very special place of honour in my vinyl collection. Each figure was hard won via auction, lottery, or sheer force of will.

The big guy in the back:
“5 Years Later” Companion by Kaws

Front Row, Left to Right:
Greasebat by Jeff Lamm
Cannibal Fuckface by Johnny Ryan
Monster by Grody Shogun

day 328 – four kawaii plush

Kawaii Plush

This past year, my toy collecting has spun off into acquiring boxes and boxes of Japanese candy, toys, and gashapon. I’m a total sucker for kawaii culture and asian character design.

The cute lil’ bears shown here are known as Rilakumma or “Relax Bear“.

day 327 – four wheatpaste posters in NYC


Go on a Mission: Take a big paint brush or roller, along with squirt bottle or 1.5 gallon plastic trash can nested in a messanger or book bag. Paint glue on the surface you want to stick the poster to, slap the poster into the glue, smooth the paper out, and then follow up with a final coat of glue over the top of the paper. Work quickly, without looking overly suspicious — teams of 2-3 people are optimal. Pick targets wisely: high visibility can be good but risky, near other posters may be safer and less likely to be torn down, think about who owns/maintains the space you’re pasting.”

A Frightening Prospect, 2011

day 326 – four dunnys in the park


Where my collection all began, Dunnys by kidrobot. A “platform” toy series featuring designs by some of my favourite artists. In the realm of art-toy collecting, these are the gateway drug.

Moving clockwise from the top-left:
Aya Kakeda
64 Colors
Travis Lampe