four for the day
a daily collection of 4 things

In our lives we have things. Various things. Things we need. Things we don’t. Things we obsess over. Things we collect. Things we use. Things we eat. Things that are us. Things that used to be us. Things we want to be us.

Sometimes we order these things in collections based on colour, material, use, temporal significance, value, importance, and design. Sometimes we order them to be discovered by guests, to be forgotten, to be given away, and sometimes without order.

four for the day is a thematic daily collection of 4 things. The theme is determined by various possible attributes, i.e, quality of lead (day 1), material (day 8), creator (12)… The themes are limited by your creativity.

four for the day highlights those unique collections we have that fill our spaces and brings them into the light to be appreciated by others.

If you have things and want to show them off please visit the Call for Submission page or email me at ardenhill@gmail.com

s. arden hill (b, 1974) is an emerging artist living in Winnipeg. He grew up riding skateboards, playing kick the can, drawing Garfield comics and getting lost in the coulee’s of southern Alberta. Hill is primarily a painter but thoroughly enjoys exploring other disciplines including audio art. His current work ranges from drawings of colourful blobs to illustrative studies of newly discovered species and book making.

Hill’s work is creatively driven by the play of colour and texture. Using a variety of mediums, he creates multi-layered compositions that resemble the aesthetic of surfaces touched by age, weather, and decay. Hill’s work should be explored intimately and close up to discover the juxtaposition of organic detail. Like a photographer framing the world through his lens, viewing Hill’s work up close allows you to frame microscopic compositions you can call your own.

Hill  has shown in several group shows in Winnipeg (Graffiti Gallery, Ace Art, Freud’s Bathhouse & Diner, Semai & Cre8ery); Montreal, QC; Phoenix, AZ; and Los Angeles, CA and recently had his first solo exhibition. Hill also performed minimal electronic music internationally as duul_drv.


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