How many days in a year? Today is day 365, a special day.

Today marks the official 1 year mark of the blog. 365 days. What an incredible process it has been.

four for the day began on November 26th, 2010.  After a few short weeks of posting my collections to the blog and  some positive criticism I decided that four for the day could and should really be brought to life not only by me but through an open call for contributions and a cast of invited collectors, organizers, hoarders, and lovers of stuff. The guest editors quickly signed up and were pencilled in. At that point I decided to start the count again from the beginning with Alison Sommers on January 3rd, 2011 – day 39, but to not compromise the already posted days of collections.

It has been an amazing year so far but we still have 39 more days to go.

Enjoy the remaining days and thanks for coming by and appreciating the beautiful collections of our past, present, and future editors.

s. arden hill


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