Guest Editor’s Profile – Lindsey Bond

Lindsey Bond

Winnipeg, MB

In terms of your things, what does your space (studio/office/or living area) look like? please describe.
I have moved every year for the past ten years and have lived in many houses and apartments in a number different of cities. The geographical spaces I have occupied extend from Edmonton to: Calgary, Vancouver, Edinburgh, and now Winnipeg! For my Four For The Day contribution, I am interested in the objects that have moved about from place to place with me, revealing a perspective about the spaces and people in my life. This week my bedroom, living room, basement, bathroom, backyard and the kitchen hold some of my collections, but at the end of the day a tan coloured Rubber-Made container holds onto negatives and contact sheets, and two black shiny hard-drives stock digital images, of my collections. In my current residence, the collections that have not been documented, are organized in stacks, bundles, piles, and generally tucked away, but used or looked at everyday. Upon recently moving to Winnipeg, most of my collections have been very neatly organized in suitcases to save space on the UHaul truck. I have moved many times in my life, so packing up and taping down are activities that are down pat, sort of like a handshake or melody in the back of the mind. With a constant knowledge of moving forward, I set up and take down my spaces and collections however, the curtain rod always seems to present a problem.

Where do you normally get your things?
Objects that intrigue me seem to come from all over and have lived lives of their own before coming to me. My mother and I used to go on trips to Value Village to go vintage shopping, so naturally I take trips to vintage stores and do find all kinds of discarded objects for sale. Most of the time I hope to find out about a good story through a friend or stranger and then trade or photograph for it.

What is your prize possession/”thing”/collectible/tool?
I always imagine what I would take with me if I could only take one thing, if I had to pare down all of the objects around me. I think about my mom’s recipe book, I think about my first camera, my great grandma’s tea cups, even the Blue Ukelele I found at Folk Festival last year. However, the thing that I think I prize most is a small, pink tissue-paper cut-out of a triceratops. I think back to it and I believe that was the very first object I purchased with my mom’s 25 cents when I was in grade 2 on a field trip to a Petting Zoo in Edmonton. I think about this small triceratops and realize that I cannot recall where it is now. I acquired it because of the simple sentiment of liking the texture and shape, and the fact that it was on the lowest possible shelf. I still like it because of the remembered texture and shape, but I also think about: a triceratops made out of tissue? Not impossible!


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