day 339 – four cherished works of art

TOP LEFT An illustration by the Canadian cartoonist Seth. Last I checked, Seth doesn’t sell the original art from his comic pages. I believe he sells the roughs, and he also sells loads of his illustration work, but not the finished comic originals.

TOP RIGHT A self portrait by Canadian artist Julie Doucet. I can’t remember if this is a panel from one of her comic books or not, but I think it is.

BOTTOM LEFT Page 2 of Betty & Veronica Summer Fun #28 from 1966 by Dan DeCarlo. DeCarlo is the artist responsible in large part with the look/style associated with Archie and the teens from Riverdale. His brushwork is some of the best in all of comics – ever.

BOTTOM RIGHT Self Portrait of an Artist Worrying About His Next Book by Dr. Seuss, signed/numbered by the artist (121/495). His next book after this painting, by the way, turned out to be Green Eggs and Ham.


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