day 317 – four Harry Bertoia early sculptures

Am surprised this week has gone so quickly.

These Bertoia sculptures are from the 1950’s.  

What do you see in these?  How do they relate to Harry’s later sculptures?

I have been locating & documenting all Bertoia sculptures since 1998 in preparation for a Catalogue Raisonne`.  Someone asked me what’s my favorite sculpture.  I realized every sculpture counts equally for me.  I’m excited every time I find a new sculpture.  Others are more critical of different sculptures.  My job is to locate every piece he did so I don’t give any one sculpture more weight than another. 

Do I have a favorite?  …A favorite?  No way.  I suppose my favorites are my first pieces, the ones that made this project possible.   I also really like the sculptures I showed yesterday, the ones with welded rods like the fountain maquettes.  There are others I love but there’s no particular theme.  I’d say the vibration in the piece is more what I’m attracted to. 

If you have a sculpture or know someone who does, please contact me so it can be registered with the Harry Bertoia Research Project.

This week has been a fabulous adventure for me.  Thanks for reading this . . . .


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