day 312 – four photos of Harry Bertoia


I share with you four photos of the man who makes my heart sing, Harry Bertoia….

My mother died in 1998. I wanted to do something special with the money I received from her estate. Several weeks passed as I explored possibilities that might be ”special” for me.  One morning, in a conversation with my partner, a LOUD thought came to the fore of my thinking, “Buy a Bertoia sculpture!” was what I heard.

I had seen only one of his sculptures in the mid-70′s at someone’s home.  It was a piece whose sound touched my heart.  The moment I heard the message, I said, “I know what I’m going to do, I’m going to buy myself a Bertoia sculpture!”  Pascal said, “What a good idea.”

Within 2 weeks, I owned 2 sculptures.  It all happened magically.  It has continued to be magical.  As I found more of them & read about Harry, I began falling in love.  First, with the pieces, then with Harry.  (He died 20 years earlier, in 1978.)

I was selling high-end furniture through architects and interior designers in Philadelphia when I met the first Bertoia sculpture.  Until then, I knew Bertoia only from selling many Knoll chairs. I was also on the Collab Committee which supported acquiring pieces for the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s 20th Century collection.  

In the weeks following my first sculpture purchases, I made a request to collect all the data to prepare a Catalogue Raisonne`.  That was 13+ years ago.  In the process, I learned to follow my heart, traveled the US & Europe, became an expert on Bertoia, discovered the architects and artists of the Mid-20th Century, lectured at universities & for art audiences, learned digital photography & filmed those I interviewed who knew Harry directly. 

…a life worth living.


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