day 294 – four grasping things

The clamp at the top right I found at an old abandoned bottling factory was inexplicably draped in a tree just as shown here.  The top left door knob was still attached to the door as was the car door handle below.  The vegetation pretty much over took the doors attached to both handles.  While most of these items were obscured by natural re-growth, because they are metal they will take many years decompose.

Even though nature reasserts its presence in spaces impacted by man’s presence, the natural landscape has been irrevocably changed.  Each piece of garbage that we leave behind is the seed for change in the evolution of our planet.  Not only is the full potential of these plantings only just beginning to be realized, but what does become apparent is that as man made objects and spaces are enveloped in natural re-growth, they combine to make a new space that is both nature made and man made.


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