day 274—four welcome distractions

I often collect things that are in this strange space between amusement and inspiration.

This handset, modelled after the type of phone that I watched fade out of common use throughout my childhood and adolescence is cordless and connects to my smart-phone via blue-tooth. The thing that’s fascinating about it is that using it feels right. The weight, the way one side sits on your ear while the other is directly in front of your mouth like a microphone—this is the form factor that makes sense for talking on the phone! I actually wonder if the reason phone usage is dropping has less to do with replacement technology and more to do with discomfort. I can imagine talking on the phone for hours with this thing. Can you say the same about any cell phone on the market?

What can I say about the TRODAT typo160? Typesetting with rubber stamps! It’s fun to have around, and though I rarely use it, it’s exactly the kind of object that provides a productive mental break from intensive brainstorming or writing. Open up the box and arrange letters on strips for a while. It’s really amazing what that kind of thing can do for the subconscious.

I have thousands of images on my computer. Some that I’ve made and others that I’ve found online and wanted to just file away for some future inspiration or reference. I liked the idea of framing a picture of an old commodore 64 floppy disk. I find it aesthetically pleasing, and there’s something about an image of a disk printed from a diskless computer that just tickles a part of my brain.

Finally, the game Set seems an excellent end note here. Each card has a variation of four elements: colour, symbol, number and shading. Twelve cards  are laid out, and you have to identify a three card set, defined as either having complete variation in all elements or complete commonality in one: all unique, or all with a common element. You can read more about it here. It’s a good game to play to prime the mental pump, both in collaborations and solo. It’s a game entirely and purely about pattern recognition, and that seems to fit nicely with what’s going on here.


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