day 268 – four stories

Ailise’s very original custom made belt buckle fancied my eye all through the room and until she sat down where I was able to take this photo of her, of it.  In one of my old apartments, where I lived with Melody Morrissette, there was in the kitchen with chalk paint a forum where we would converse and random kitchen thoughts would find it’s way to the wall.  Lisa Kehler (Curator and Writer) looking through my drawings before she helped me install my Bombs & Wombs exhibition.  She is a fantastic person who helped me out big time!  Today I woke up and received an email from my mother telling me that my Uncle Mahend died last night from a heart attack.  This photo is a gentler side of my Uncle picking tics off his dog and the farm in Northern India.  I took the photo more than ten years ago.


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