day 265 – four boxes

Swiss Watch box that was crushed while traveling from India to Canada, I repaired it with glue when I was ten years old and it’s good as new.  My Grandpa Bill was gonna throw it away but I thought it looked beautiful and was a very foreign idea at the time to have something Swiss associated to Calcutta or Bombay.  The orange box with tiny locks inside was made by Grandpa Bill.  I had gone to Paris when I was eight-teen years old and bought a tiny Eiffel tower and he made this box to incase it.  I ended up giving the tower to Lisa Stinner (my best friend at the time, who I was secretly in love with).  The box, which is lined with felt and hand painted also details bended wire and small carved wooden handles.  Black Diamond Strings are what made the old country guitars sound so rusty and ghostly from Jim Reeves to Buddy Holly to Hank Williams… Even Townes Van Zandt used them… so did Grandpa Bill.  This set of strings date back to the 50’s.  I was a part of a band called Absence Of Free Will when I was twenty years old, and I used to draw on stage while the real musicians preformed.  I would also take polaroids during the music and manipulate them while broadcasting the whole process through a live video camera that only the audience could see.


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