Guest Editor’s Profile – Kim Largey

Kim Largey

Tucson, Arizona, USA

In terms of your things, what does your space (studio/office/or living area) look like?

I have two studio spaces at my house. The “clean” studio is a second bedroom I share with my husband. He’s a musician and photographer and most of his work is done digitally, so his side is usually immaculate. I would like to think of myself as an organized person, however, the exception seems to be my work spaces. I use more traditional materials (fabric, paper, wood, pens/pencils/markers) and those take up space. I have a large closet along the back wall which hides most of the stuff. However, I also have a large desk that has many piles on it, and usually a clear area in the middle with just enough space for arm movement to work and a few sewing machines. The mess also tends to linger long after a project is completed.
There is an additional  “messy” studio in a small garage outside of our house. This is where I do sculpture work and painting and it pretty much stays a disaster always.

The rest of our house is fairly minimal.

Where do you normally get your things?

I’m from New England originally, but moved around quite a bit through my early 20’s, so I quickly learned to narrow down my most precious, portable items that can follow me.
I also tend to attract free things. Tucson is a very transient town, and people are always moving away. My ingrained Yankee thrift forbids me from turning down anything that comes free.

Other than that, I fall into the pool of people who love collecting objects at thrift and antique stores.

What is your prize possession/”thing”/collectible/tool?
Of course my most cherished “things” are my family and my dog, but the one thing that I collect for the sake of collecting is white, ceramic birds. I’d like to say that there is a big, fancy reason that I do this, but there isn’t. I’m just attracted to them and decided one day to start collecting them.

The practical-ish tools I collect are saws. Power saws, hand saws, chain saws, etc. Saws are very useful in my work and they all do different kinds of cuts. I’m up to about 14 and I love them all!


One Comment on “Guest Editor’s Profile – Kim Largey”

  1. Cheryl Soloway says:

    Nice selections of fours. Cheryl

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