day 221 – four seamstress tapes

Four vintage seamstress tapes from a collection of many… these are a few of my favorites…coral, red, white and orange.


2 Comments on “day 221 – four seamstress tapes”

  1. Those are beautiful! And they look so well preserved. My mom gave me one that she learned to sew with and she used it when she taught me. It is mostly held together by scotch tape now, but I have so many great memories when I use it!
    Loved seeing part of your collection!

  2. Such a great memory! I love how these domestic objects are used, have a functional purpose, but then become a talisman, hold a memory from childhood… Many of the objects I collect look like they have been held over and over, used, loved and even abused. They now hold the memory of someone’s life…

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