day 211 – four lockets

I love lockets. I am obsessed with them. A lot of my art revolves around them (see some examples here and here). These four have a particular meaning for me. The little blue egg is from St-Petersbourg, Russia. It’s the first one I bought. The little book I got in Santa-Barbara, California, on a great trip I did with my boyfriend. The gold one is the one I have been wearing regularly for a couple of years now. I have a special affection for it. Maybe because I was wearing it while I was recording my first album. Finally, the heart-shaped one countains the eye of my boyfriend (inspired by the 18th century tradition of lover’s eye lockets…), and the dog’s head represents St-Christopher, patron saint of travellers. He is often represented like that in the orthodox church. I always carry it with me when I travel.



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