day 153 – four harry bertoia catalogs


6 Comments on “day 153 – four harry bertoia catalogs”

  1. Brendan Monroe says:

    wow, beautiful.

  2. Mary Thorp says:

    I love Harry’s work. Stunning images.
    How do you happen to have these?

  3. sroden1234 says:

    i’ve been collecting ephemera related to harry’s work for years, along with about 20 or so monotypes, and a few tiny objects. he’s been one of my heroes, as he’s one of the few artists who have encompassed visual art, design, and sound. a true polymath, and still underrated.

  4. sroden1234 says:

    p.s. you can see a few other bertoia items on my own blog here:

  5. Mary Thorp says:

    Thank you, Steve.
    Loved the monoprint & the quote on a linked page.
    What other ephemera & objects do you have?
    I’ve been studying his work for 13 yrs, too.

  6. sroden1234 says:

    most of what i have is peacemeal, but i have some early exhibiiton announcements, a few drawings/sketches, and several more exhibition catalogs from the 60’s and 70’s. a few 50’s/60’s magazines with articles on his work, a really nice swedish design mag with him on the cover… i’ll try to run some more things on my blog in the future. the stuff has gotten harder and harder to find over the years.

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