Guest Editor Profile – eryn thorey mackenzie

eryn thorey mackenzie

Winnipeg, Manitoba

In terms of your things, what does your space (studio/office/living area) look like?

Organized chaos…I know where everything is, but anyone coming into the space would be entirely perplexed.

Where do you normally get your things?
Family, friends, travels, vintage and antique stores, the internet.

What is your prize possession/”thing”/collectible/tool?

Old family photo albums of my grandparents, a $12.00 ceramic cat from Value Village, a snowglobe, my cat Phoebe, my collection of cameras all currently in various states of disrepair…i don’t know how to break this down. It changes, depending on my mood.

One Comment on “Guest Editor Profile – eryn thorey mackenzie”

  1. Your Mom says:

    Whose feet are those dangling from the fabric? And, I’m vintage so how come my pictures aren’t included LOL ( I know, I know … NO to LOL) but…. I did it anyway because I love you.

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