Guest Editor Profile – Melody Wong

Melody Wong

Toronto, Ontario

In terms of your things, what does your space (studio/office/living area) look like?
 I would like to describe my space as an organized mess.
Where do you normally get your things?

I don’t know where half my things come from.  I keep telling my partner, ‘things just randomly show up…. or it must be sneaky gift giving fairies breaking into our home”
What is your prize possession/”thing”/collectible/tool?

The item I cherish the most and cannot get rid of is my Hello Kitty hourglass.  From childhood memory: my dad purchased this piece at Hallmark, Kildonan Place.  It was a fancy piece of décor displayed up high on a glass shelf and he asked if I liked it.  When I nodded, he purchased it on the spot.  Aw.


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