day 89 – four collaborations with microorganisms.

Kombucha: Schizosaccha-romyces pombeSaccharomycodes ludwigiiPichia fermentansSaccharomyces apiculatus, Bacterium xylinum, B. xylinoidesAcetobacter ketogenumAcetobacter acetiB. gluconicum

Sourkraut: Leuconostoc, Lactobacillus, Pedicoccus

Bread: Saccharmyces cervisiae

Beer: Saccharmyces cervisiae


One Comment on “day 89 – four collaborations with microorganisms.”

  1. brendan says:

    wow. Looks so Delicious!
    I’d like to suggest Kim-Chi too. But these four look like plenty for the day.

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