day 75 – four cameras

These are four cameras I regularly use.

Voigtländer Perkeo I, on the bottom left, is a square format 6×6 camera. I think it was a fairly common consumer camera at it’s time because I see them and a similar Zeiss Ikon camera for sale all over the place. I got this one in Gothenburg for about $20 at a flea market.

Rollei 35 SE, bottom middle, is a basic 35 mm camera. This is the one I take the most film photos with, mostly because it’s easy to carry around and pretty easy to get what you want. It’s also cheaper for me to buy and develop 35mm than 120 film in Sweden.

The Pinhole camera, bottom right, is made from an old mooncake tin. For some reason I wanted to make one and try it out. I found a good instructional video online and put it together. It’s pretty fun to do it and for anyone interested in analog photography, I recommend it. It’s a little unpredictable and requires a certain amount of guesstimation when using it, but it’s fun.

GR Digital II from Ricoh, top middle, is my only digital camera. It works alright and serves it’s purpose fairly well. It has a very easy and comfortable interface for manual controls. It took this picture with the help of a mirror.

If you are interested in seeing photos from the Pinhole and the Rollei there’s a sort of secret spot on my site here. If you’re interested in seeing photos from the Perkeo I, GR Digital II and more from the Rollei, I share a flickr page here.


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