day 73 – four things that curve and point

My final post will probably be the strangest out of my haphazard collections of four. Today I present, four things that curve and point.

Left – Right

– Deer antler. My brother works for the city and last summer while he was doing yard work at Assinaboine Park he found this deer antler and gave it to me. At some point I will make something out of it but for now it is a bookend for my New American Paintings magazines.

– Mannequin hands I bought from Osborne Village Antiques. For a while I had these hung like mounted antlers in my bathroom but it didn’t like to stay up so it’s now my ring holder.

– Old garlic. I have never seen garlic do this before – it must be months old…

– Frozen organic bananas delivered to me by Fresh Option Organic Delivery. I normally never buy bananas but have recently signed up for this organic delivery and am getting so many I don’t know what to do with them! So I’ve been freezing them and planning on making banana bread.


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