day 68 – four ceramic vases and their inhabitants

Four ceramic vases that I use to house my fresh and dead flowers/plants

Left – Right

Lime green circular vase from Village Antiques in Osborne Village – contains unknown purple flowers purchased from Safeway.

Baby Head vase – a gift from my best friend Kaja – found in a Calgary antique store – contains a cactus purchased from Safeway two years ago – not sure how it is still alive as I may not have watered it for a year…

Bubble/cushion vase acquired at the University of Manitoba Ceramics sale (artist unknown) – contains dead daisies purchased from Superstore white (& alive), which I then dyed blue with food colouring.

Blue figure vase purchased off etsy three years ago (I searched high and low for the artist name but unfortunately I couldn’t find it) – contains one dead tomato plant found outside ace art in the exchange district in a box labelled “take me before I die!”


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