day 67 – four pieces of ceramic dishware to pay hommage to…

For my first ‘four’ I’ve decided to gather four broken ceramic dishware that up until last Wednesday, were fully intact. The sky decided to fall in my kitchen last week and due to a negligent unknown carpenter, about 80% of my dishware was lost. I heard a crash and walked into my kitchen to find my entire cupboard unit had fallen off the wall and the kitchen was filled with glass. This is an hommage to those favourite dishes lost.

Left – Right

Chino glazed cereal bowl made by yours truly

Dinner plate of unknown origin left at my apartment from a potluck

Vintage teacup belonging to my roommates tea cup set from when she was little

Teacup by Norwegian Turi Design

* For more on ‘the crash’ visit:


3 Comments on “day 67 – four pieces of ceramic dishware to pay hommage to…”

  1. kerri says:

    oh my goodness. So sorry to hear you lost all that.

    If you need some dishes, I have a cute set (peacocks!) that you could have.

  2. gillking says:

    Wow Kerri thats so generous! Thank you for your offer but luckily I think I will be compensated and I wouldn’t want to take a pretty peacock set away from you 🙂

  3. pascmeow says:

    the dinner plate of unknown origin is an original corelle butterfly collection. my grandmother had the whole set and i’ve been obsessed with them ever since. i am so sad about all your dishes, hope the agency pays you back proper!

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