Guest Editor Profile – Gillian King

Gillian King

Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada









In terms of your things, what does your space (studio/office/living area) look like?

I am a painter so my studio often looks like a colour bomb exploded. I usually work on big canvases (5x6ft +) so when working on one, I lean them against a wall and will usually sit or stand right in front of it to paint. I don’t use a proper palette, I often use scraps of cardboard or wax paper to mix my paints so I have a tendency to be sitting, painting, and then stand up to see myself surrounded by paints, brushes, and current palettes all over the floor. I know exactly where to step but if anyone enters my studio they’re in for an obstacle course. Among the paints are reference images covering the walls, coffee cups, my paint spattered macbook, and my ‘library’ of New American Painting magazines in my bookshelf (cardboard box).

My apartment is much the same but I have a roommate so I make sure to have all the communal rooms clean and organized, often meaning my spaces get neglected. The apartment has a similar aesthetic to my studio – lots of colour, paintings on every wall, and almost everything retro inspired or second hand. It is also very evident I live with two very spoiled cats since everywhere you look  in the living room there is a cat toy.

Where do you normally get your things?
I usually shop at second hand/vintage/handmade stores. The majority of my furnishings are second hand – lamps, couches, desks etc. And as much as possible I try to buy my clothing second hand or handmade.

What is your prize possession/”thing”/collectible/tool?

While trying not to sound like one of those grown women with a room full of stuffed animals, my most prized possession is my childhood stuffed animal, Peaches. She’s a faded pink puffalump bear who has lost about half of her stuffing over the years. She is the only stuffed animal I have kept because she acted like my security blanket when I was little.


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