day 66 – four school photo backs

While hanging out in my basement the other day I ran across a milk crate labelled “junk.” (not labelled by me).  I thought to myself, “I’ll bet there’s something bloggable in there,” and here we are.  I’m pretty sure all but Diana’s photo are from Grade 9 (1992-93 for me), and hers is from grade 5.  You can imagine how my Grade 5 heart raced when I read her PPS at recess.  I included Andrea’s note because it stood out from all the other self-deprecation…and she was right, it is a super-cute picture.  The only subject who might run across this post is Laurie, who I hope is not embarrassed by her spelling mistakes, as she is now a genius.  Actually, she was near genius back then too…must’ve been an off day.  Or maybe she was so enraged by my insensitivity that she couldn’t think straight.


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