day 65 – four kid’s books in four languages

I know, I know, it’s been done here before, but I had to post some of my own children’s book collection, because there are so many beautifully illustrated examples to choose from.  To whittle down the choices, I decided to mix up the languages…which worked well because the little Wladyslaw Zawistowski book was a “must include”.  It was illustrated by Wladyslaw Kostiuk, whose name yields only one result when entered into google…a dead link to a reference to this book.  All of the illustrations are in a weird ‘wet ink and watercolour’ style, like the cover.  I think the four characters are supposed to represent the seasons, which I only guessed at based on the illustrations from another printing of this story.

The “Londres” book by Miroslav Sasek was originally put out by Casterman in 1960 (that’s the version pictured here), and I’ve just discovered that it’s still in print today!  I’m glad because the illustrations are beautiful; they’ve very angular and textured like a lot of children’s illustration from the 50s, and they kinda remind me of the UPA animation style.

I know nothing about the Chinese book – the pictures and organization of the text suggest that its a reader or encyclopedia maybe.  I bought it for one amazing illustration of a guitar player with coloured lights blasting at him, although all of the images are pretty charming.

“The Clumsy Cowboy” is from 1963. It has great line drawings throughout that are printed in two colours: black and orange.  The blog Golden Gems posted a later book illustrated by Shel & Jan Haber, The Animals’ Vacation. It also appears that the couple run a kaleidoscope website?


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