day 64 – four hard synths

Hard synths, get it?  The interesting thing about this set is that the little one was the most expensive, and the biggest one was the cheapest.  I can’t remember what I paid for it exactly, but I DO remember that I got it from the dump store in Montreal, which is literally a little shack beside the dump where they sell the good stuff that people try to throw away.  It sort of works, which was fine because I intended to circuit bend it, but of course I still haven’t gotten around to it.  I’ll add that to my summer list of things to do.  Sidenote: I think this is the first time that the Lonestar LS-18 has ever been pictured on the internet!  Try and prove me wrong!

The little one is the Korg Monotron, which in-and-of itself is an analog sound effects machine (i.e. it’s hard to play tuned notes with it), but the great thing about it is that you can run instruments through it’s VCF filter, giving you a cutoff and a peak knob to play with.

The Concertmate-650 is basically a souped-up SK-1, allowing for 4 samples to be recorded in and triggered from the keys or the cool sample pad.  You can also reverse samples on this one, or record one longer sample instead.  It also features a second set of handy sample pads, so you can have a lion’s roar or a laser gun at your fingertips.

The TYU-30 just sounds super tough through my distortion pedal.  There’s a song on my next album that’s built around this keyboard.  Here’s the Japanese version on the amazing website


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