day 62 – four intergalactic LPs

Yep, you guessed it – four long players, and they all feature space-themed cartoony covers!  Let’s start with the Space Cadets album, which I declare to be my favourite funk album of all time.  Bernie Worrell of Parliament fame played synths in this band, but Nairobi Sailcat seems to be the brains behind this record, with writing credits on all but one song (the corny love ballad).

The “Galactic Funk” record was produced by MECO Monardo, and Wikipedia tells me that this record went platinum in the US.  It features a huge cast of musicians, including artists from the CorMar Galaxy, who were apparently teleported to Earth courtesy of TELE-CON Ptz 88.4.  Meco went on to disco-ize Close Encounters, The Wizard of Oz, and Star Trek among other soundtracks.

On the left we have two takes on alien life-forms, one French Canadian and one Portuguese.  The French would have you believe that there are pirate aliens (Piratomic), spy aliens (Lorgnette 007), alcoholic aliens (Gintomic), and walking computers (Odini).  The Portuguese version also paints aliens as lushes; after Amalia Rodrigues tries in vain to start up a conversation with “Senhor Extraterrestre”, she gets him drunk on wine and sends him off to drink and fly in his “Objecto Voador nao Identificado” (OVNI).  Thrift store vinyl gives so much, and asks so little in return.


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