day 61 – four ten inches

Here we have a set of good looking 10″ records from the collection. I LOVE the character design and the fonts on the Perez Prado cover, so much so that it was hanging in our apartment for a while. Also, I think you’d agree that the cover design for the Top of the Pops Collection could easily be the cover for the next Smiths “Best of…” (or the next Belle & Sebastian if you’d rather). There’s no date on this record, but it’s probably from 1959 or 1960, judging by the song selection and Steve Race‘s biography (he’s the arranger.)

The Jewish Mother Goose records (there’s 2 in the set – so sue me), are housed in the hard cover that you see pictured.  Inside there is a glossary of terms to help you understand the stories and songs on the record; so now if someone says to me “We saw soosim on our teyul to the shool,” i’ll know what they mean.  The four sides are titled:

Side 1: Shabat

Side 2: Holiday Guessing Game

Side 3: The Happy Mishpacha

Side 4: Mother Goose in Isreal

I can tell you nothing about the Asian 10″…and judging by the cover you can probably guess what it sounds like. Cute.


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