day 20 – four time sensitive pieces

This is the first post I will journal on as it requires some explanation.

– The first time sensitive piece in the photograph is my most commented on watch. I purchased it in 2007, chinatown, New York for $9. I bartered from $20 to $9. I was impressed with myself. I really needed a watch because I was leading a school group of 20 students through NYC without a watch and it was killing us. I held out for not any watch but one that would garner a comment like, “wow, does your watch control the world” and “can I get internet access on that?” To this day, my wife Catherine hates the watch because you have to wait for the time to appear as it is a scrolling watch and it is far too huge for my wrist.

– The second time sensitive piece is a pocket watch I received from my first girlfriend, Leah. I wore it only a couple of times before we broke up. The most interesting thing about this is I “used” to have this weird superstitious about the number 23. As a child I played fastball and wore my favourite number 24 on all my jerseys. Before the game or going out if I saw a 24 I knew it was going to be a great day/game. If I saw a 23 or 25 I dreaded leaving the house cause I knew something bad was going to happen. Notice the number above the 6.

– The third time sensitive piece is the watch I bought specifically to take to Boston to run the half marathon. I bought it a few days before going as I had been timing myself on the Aquastar and well that thing is a little heavy for running. Unfortunately when I went to get ready in Boston the watch was no where to be found. The time on the watch is my time for my last 5 mile run. Slow.

– The forth time sensitive piece is this fun watch from Sanrio available in Happy Meals. Just after finishing reading the article in Juxtapoz magazine #119 about Sanrio and it’s 50th anniversary, I walked down my back alley on the way to the YMCA. About half way down the alley I stepped on this. It was still packaged. I knew it was something Hello Kitty esque but due to it being dark I wasn’t sure. When I got to the Y I saw it was a toy watch honouring 50 years of small gifts. I believe the cold has prevented it from turning on. Poor kid who lost it.

Juxtapoz Magazine


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