day 2 – four unstuck stickers

Any body that knows me from when I was a ski bum to now knows that I am a really big fan of stickers.

When I finished highschool my parents got me a Datsun B210. The first thing I did was put a sticker on it. By the time I had driven it for a year it was plastered in stickers. There were too many stickers to count. I would drive into a city/town/resort and people would ask to put a sticker on the car and if it was good enough I’d let them.

I have since stuck stickers on binders, water bottles, agendas, walls, signs, furniture…

It amazes me I have yet to stick these stickers and these are good stickers. I have had many Obey and Upper Playground stickers in the past but these ones are great quality as are the Zoso and the Reetboot (an artist from Winnipeg).

Maybe one day these will be stuck.

Upper Playground


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