day 1 – four HB pencils

This is the collection that started this all. After finishing a big project in my studio I set out to clean and organize that creative space. I start grouping items together, i.e., pencil crayons, spray caps, glues and then started to sub organize it into fluourescent pencil crayons, montana caps…

I soon realized I had a lot of the same things. 5 20g glue sticks, 15 white pencil crayons, 4 HB pencils. The most interesting part was I had stories for some of the items that were being organized such as the HB pencils.

The pencil on the left reminds me of my Dad, Gerald Wayne aka Jerry who would always tell me the best way to sharpen a pencil was with a knife. So I tried that for a while until I took a chunk off my finger. This pencil I found is from before that accident.

The pencil beside it I am not going to lie is stolen from my school. For the longest time I didn’t use fancy art pencils. I used what ever I literally found around the university or library. I don’t think I have ever bought a pencil in my life.

The third from the left is from when I was a kid and obviously I don’t draw as much as I should because I still have it. It did until recently have a spongy holder on it, but the pencil has gotten too small for that.

The final pencil I feel wasn’t cared for enough in the pencil factory as it didn’t get the right lead. I think it maybe it should have had 2B branded on it instead of HB. The lead is so soft. I keep it as a reminder to not judge a banana by its peel.


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